Nutrizo Wellness Private Limited was incorporated in 15 june 2015. It is an integrated, research based, consumer health care international pharmaceutical company, producing a wide range of 100% natural stevia products with high quality and affordable prices. We are trusted by health care professionals and diabetic patients across India. The company is engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and distribution of health and wellness products. The company’s product portfolio include brand like Sugar Fighter.

Nutrizo wellness private limited brings to you international quality pure natural and herbal sweetener product ‘sugar fighter’ ...

What we don’t add, adds up

  • Single, high-quality species sourced year-round for consistent quality

  • Only the sweetest parts of the leaf are isolated for use

  • No artificial, chemical additives or processes

  • Sustainable, responsible practices to reduce impact on our environment

Why Stevia?

Varieties of Stevia : - Stevia comes in many forms. Make your choice based on the amount of sweetness you want (white extract powder is the sweetest) and how well a particular recipe or beverage will be complemented by the licorice-like flavor of less-refined forms. Tip; You can’t replace sugar or honey on a cup-for-cup basis with stevia — the herb is much sweeter.

Fresh Stevia Leaves : - This form of stevia is the herb in its most natural, unrefined state. A leaf picked from a stevia plant and chewed will impart an extremely sweet taste sensation reminiscent of licorice that lasts for quite a while. For stevia to have a more practical application as a tea or sweetener, the leaves must be dried or put through an extraction process, which makes the sweet taste even more potent.

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